Value Added Services

Above and Beyond

Spectank® is committed to customer service via its head office and network of franchisees throughout the country.

In addition to the supply of cleaning products and equipment, Spectank® offers a unique range of value-added services.

Staff Training

Spectank® provides comprehensive and ongoing practical training to the cleaning staff.

Training is provided free of charge when cleaning products are purchased from Spectank®.

Certificates of Attendance are awarded to staff who have been adequately trained.

Spectank® call cycle sheets are signed for each training session and service call.

Training is provided free of charge, proving that the products are purchased from Spectank®.

Benefits include:

  • Increased knowledge and empowerment of staff;
  • Improved hygiene levels in your facility;
  • Correct usage of the product in the correct areas; and
  • Less wastage of product, resulting in money savings.

Hygiene Inspections

Spectank® performs detailed hygiene inspections and analyses (initial and ongoing) to determine hygiene levels.

Spectank® will make recommendations based on the results of the analysis.

The recordings are documented on hygiene inspection sheets.

Training will be provided as required (see staff training above).

The hygiene inspection results help management to identify areas that may require attention.

The Spectank® hygiene inspection is good preparation for an audit.

Cleaning Operations Manual

Spectank® has introduced the HACCP principle in cleaning to many customers. Spectank® designs a customer-specific Cleaning Operations Manual, which ensures a constant check on the hygiene chain in each environment.

The Cleaning Operations Manual includes the following:

  • Cleaning procedures and schedules;
  • Colour-coded cleaning programmes for different departments;
  • Service call cycle and corrective incident reports;
  • Training registers;
  • Hygiene inspection sheets; and
  • Any other item that Spectank® deems beneficial for the customer.
This manual assists with hygiene management in food environments and is a reference point for all staff members.
It enhances accountability as supplier service levels are documented in the Cleaning Operations Manual.

Wall Charts

  • Spectank® installs various cleaning and hygiene wall charts in food environments.
  • This constantly reminds all staff members of processes, dilutions and best practices in hygiene.
  • The wall charts are strategically positioned for ease of reference.
  • They are simple and easy to understand.
  • The Spectank® wall charts result in efficiencies, increased hygiene and reduced product wastage for the customer.


  • Spectank® has initiated a recycling programme for the customer’s benefit.
  • Spectank® will collect and recycle your empty plastic containers with each delivery.
  • The proceeds from the recycling process will be donated in your name to a charity of your choice.
  • This process decreases your Carbon Footprint and benefits charity organisations thereby enhancing your corporate social responsibility.