Surface Hygiene

Surface Sanitation

Spectank® Surface Sanitation and Hygiene products are designed to kill a wide range of pathogens found on many surface types.

It is essential that the correct surface disinfectant and sanitation product be used for various applications.

Our effective formulations and comprehensive training ensure the highest level of surface disinfection.

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Air Fog

Aerosol Air Fog disinfectant based on alcohol and quaternary ammonium compounds

Air Fog Surface Disinfectant


  • Effective in disinfecting surfaces in offices, hotel rooms, elevators, class rooms, storerooms, ablutions, vehicles, refrigerated trucks

How to use it?

  • Shake before use
  • Close windows and doors in area to be fogged
  • Press and lock aerosol button
  • Vacate area
  • Leave for 20 minutes
  • Can be used as a hand held spray


  • Effective coverage 1m² per 10ml product
  • Effective disinfection in air and on surfaces
  • Convenient packaging
  • Easy to use


Disinfectant/Detergent liquid based on quaternary ammonium compounds

Surface Disinfectant Sanitiser


  • Effective in disinfecting and cleaning work surfaces, fridges, floors, walls and all surfaces found in kitchens

How to use it?

  • Spray on
  • Agitate 
  • Wipe or rinse off


  • Food grade
  • Disinfects and cleans in one operation
  • 99.9% kill rate
  • SABS 1853


Sanitary wipes based on quaternary ammonium compounds

Surface Sanitation Wipes


  • Trolley, surface, hand and hygiene wipe

How to use it?

  • Tear off perforated sheet
  • Wipe surface to be cleaned


  • Disinfects
  • Cost effective
  • 800 perforated sheets
  • SGS certified 

Hand Sanitiser Wipe

Sanitary wipes based on 70% alcohol

Hand Sanitizer Wipe


  • Hands
  • Surface wipe

How to use it?

  • Open sachet and remove wipe
  • Wipe hands or surface


  • Individually packed

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