Commercial Cleaning Products

Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

Spectank® manufactures and supplies a wide range of commercial cleaning chemical products for a variety of industries.

Our factory is SABS ISO 9001:2015 accredited, ensuring stringent quality control standards and processes and many of our products conform to SABS 1828 (detergents for the food industry) and SABS 1853 (disinfectants for the food industry).

Commercial Kitchen Hygiene

Our chemicals are concentrated as commercial strength and are formulated for use at different dilutions based on the application.

All cleaning commercial chemical products have SDS (Safety Data Sheets) which are available on request.

Our chemist is continuously developing new and innovative products, several of which are world firsts.

At Spectank®, we believe in offering cleaning solutions as opposed to selling individual products.

We start with a hygiene analysis which allows us to accurately assess your individual requirements. We then propose a cleaning solution for your establishment based on the results of the analysis and our experience in the industry. Regular site visits and training ensures that your solution remains applicable and relevant.

By partnering with you, our customer, we build relationships that last.

Businesses served by Spectank® 

Food processing plants
Food services
Contract caterers
Fast food outlets


Innovation has always been part of the Spectank® ethos.

Spectank® System

The inventors of the original decarbonising soak tank.


Green Products

100% natural and eco-friendly range of cleaning products.



Cleaning staff are reluctant to use traditional oven cleaners as they are harsh and toxic, resulting in dirty ovens.

REoven is a user-friendly oven and multi-surface cleaner, which does not burn skin or emit fumes.

  • It can be touched
  • It can be smelt
  • It can even be licked


REoven is designed to remove fat, oil and grease from a wide range of surfaces such as commercial kitchen ovens, over doors, stove tops, splash backs, griddles, rotisseries, toasters, canopies, stainless steel surfaces, floors and walls.


CDX is a unique range of products which disinfects and deodorises air, surfaces and water.

This is achieved through the process of oxidation.

The range consists of four standard products.


  • CDX – SR is a slow releasing gas which disinfects and deodorises cold rooms and chillers. 
  • This gas kills harmful bacteria and extends the shelve life of fresh produce.
  • It is released over a 30 day period, resulting in a cost-effective delivery method.
  • This process requires no labour and is serviced in line with the Spectank® call cycle.


  • CDX – QR is a quick releasing gas which disinfect and deodorise kitchens, restaurants, hotel rooms, hospital rooms and refuse bins.
  • The gas is released over a two hour period, resulting in a quick and effective treatment of contaminated areas.


  • CDX – H2O is a granular powder which is used to treat polluted water.
  • It converts contaminated water to potable water.
  • It is used as an effective abattoir soak.


  • CDX – ONE is a tablet diluted in water.
  • It is an effective surface disinfectant.
  • It successfully removes bio film build-up in food processing plants.
  • CDX – ONE has successfully combated bacterium Listeria.