It was 1991, when Martin Glauber, embarked on his visionary journey to develop a safe and efficient cleaning system to remove baked on fats and oils, commonly known as ”Black Carbon”, from the kitchen and baking equipment.

After countless failed attempts and some interesting chemical reactions, Martin finally found the winning formula.  

This was the birth of Spectank®, a world first which is now serving 30 000 kitchens in 36 countries.

Spectank® has evolved into a complete kitchen hygiene company, supplying our customers with the full basket, from the door mat at the entrance to the refuse bin at the back and everything in between. 

Our ethos is that Spectank® does not sell products but rather, it supplies CLEANLINESS!

Spectank Cleaning Solutions


You are a restaurant, hotel, bakery, supermarket, contract caterer or food processing plant and you have a lot on your plate. 

The constant pressure of working in the food and hospitality industry may result in a situation whereby hygiene is on the back burner.

How can we help you?

Piece of cake! 

Spectank, your cleanliness specialist, can take care of all your hygiene requirements allowing you to focus on your primary functions.

We know that you have other fish to fry.

From a free hygiene analysis and training to supply of products and cleaning programmes – we have the ultimate solution for you.

The Spectank Promise of Performance will ensure the highest level of personal attention by our network of dedicated licensees and franchisees.

SABS Accreditation

Our factory is SABS 9001 (ISO 9001:2015) accredited, ensuring stringent quality control standards and processes.

Our cleaning and disinfectant products conform to SABS 1828:2017 (detergents for the food industry) and SABS 1853:2020 (disinfectants for the food industry).