FOREST Product Range

Spectank Forest Range

Natural Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products 

We, at Spectank®, believe in sustainable business practices. As such, we are continuously searching for ways to satisfy customer demands whilst caring for the environment. Our solution is FOREST – a completely green environmentally friendly range of cleaning products which perform and are cost effective.

Our FOREST range is 100% natural and eco-friendly as the products are comprised of microbes, enzymes and plant extracts. They are formulated using the latest technological trends, resulting in quality, effectiveness and a competitive cost in use. These natural products sanitise and disinfect by dissolving dirt, fats, oils and grease, and the living enzymes continue the cleaning process for an extended period of time. The products are available as concentrates with high dilution factors, thereby reducing plastic waste and storage space.

We have a wide range of green products, ensuring a smooth and complete transition for our customer.


"A Promise of Performance"