Heated Soak Tank

What is the Spectank® Heated Soak Tank?

Spectank® is an insulated stainless steel heated soak tank with a thermostatically controlled heating element. It works along with CARBSOLVE®, a non-toxic, non-corrosive, and Global GreenTag-certified cleaning powder specifically formulated to remove black carbon and other dirt.

Together, Spectank® and CARBSOLVE® will clean black carbon and sanitise your kitchen cooking and baking equipment.

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How does a Spectank® Heated Soak Tank work?

  • A Spectank® or Heated Soak Tank is filled with water and CARBSOLVE®.
  • The tank heats the solution to 80°C, ensuring that bacteria is killed.
  • Soiled items are soaked in this solution for a period of 1 to 24 hours depending on the severity of the “Black Carbon” build-up.
  • These cleaned and sanitised items are removed and rinsed off with fresh water.
  • Without the use of harsh chemicals and valuable staff time, your items are now ready for use.
  • CARBSOLVE® has activators which are released at various stages ensuring that the solution remains active for a full month.
  • On a monthly cycle, a technician will service your Spectank®, which includes draining, cleaning and refilling the soak tank as well as all repairs and maintenance.
  • A Spectank® is available in five standard sizes, or it can be custom designed, depending on kitchen requirements.

Spectank® is much more than just a cleaning system. Our business model has been developed to make sure that you get maximum return from your investment. Spectank® operates as an asset to your business.

”The results speak for themselves.”
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Before and After Spectank® Black Carbon Removal