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How can hand hygiene protect us against COVID-19?

Soap, whether it is all-natural, handmade, liquid or bar, has a particularly molecular makeup. Soap molecules possess both hydrophobic (water-averse) and hydrophilic (water-attracting) properties. When introduced to water, the water-attracting parts of the tiny soap molecules point outwards and, in turn, dissolve fatty substances and lipids.

This is a particularly relevant as COVID-19 (coronavirus) is a virus that is encased inside of a lipid (fatty) envelope. Soap dissolves the protective coating around the virus, making it less capable of surviving. After breaking down the virus’s coat, rinsing your hands with water removes it from your skin completely.

Hand sanitisers should be used in addition to washing hands and in situations where soap and water are not available.

REhand & REsan

REhand (Hand Soap)

What is it?

Anti bacterial hand soap – SABS 1853 Food Grade 

Where do I use it?

Use at a basin – wash hands thoroughly

How often can I use it?

Frequently – this is the best defence against viruses

How effective is it?

Soap and water are the most effective method for removing viruses from hands

REsan (Hand Sanitiser)

What is it?

Alcohol based hand sanitiser with an added disinfectant

Where do I use it?

Hands, counters, handles, doors, balustrades, steering wheels, desks, tables, laptops – anywhere you touch

How often can I use it?

As often as necessary – especially after touching high density surface areas

How effective is it?

99.99% effective on a range of pathogens, bacteria and viruses

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*Source Credit: Dr. Andrew Pavia, Chief, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Utah.
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